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Anyone who is not a matriculating student at LaGuardia, including students who have not yet begun to take classes or students in Continuing Education programs, cannot use the Writing Center. The Writing Center offers free professional tutoring on any aspect of any phase of any kind of writing, including: finding or narrowing a focus for your writing working out an outline or writing plan developing detailed, effective paragraphs using quotes and citation appropriately zeroing in on specific grammar issues reviewing a finished piece before submission revising graded work For all this and more, for any academic course or other writing purpose, such as personal statements and essays for scholarships and transfer applications, the Writing Center offers friendly, skilled, trained professional tutors.

Once in a while you may have the tutor all to yourself.

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What will my tutoring sessions be like? Try to give the student some encouragement! Will my professor know if I attend the Writing Center? Campus Calendar Welcome LaGuardia Community College's English Department takes to heart the College's mission as an academic institution serving local and varied communities within the context of a large university.

Most often, you'll find yourself paired with just one other student, usually taking the same class as you, so there will be plenty of time and individual attention for each of you. You are welcome to see the same tutor each time you come; just ask for your tutor's schedule and request him or her on your sign-in form.

You can expect this person, and the Writing Center, to keep working with you for as long as you need, whether that means one session, one week, one semester, or your whole time at LaGuardia.

Writing center lagcc

Tutoring at the Writing Center, in sunny B, is now by appointment. To get a tutoring appointment, all students need to do is log into My LaGuardia and scroll down; the red Writing Center appointment button is on the lower right side. Writing and reading are connected in all courses. Here are some ways to get the most help from the Writing Center for your students: 1- Bring your class to the Writing Center for a tour. Your students should expect to come to tutoring for at least a few sessions. Tutoring at the Writing Center, in sunny B, is now by appointment. Often students forget, mis-copy or mis-hear the assignment. Additionally, in all courses the Department provides students with a number of opportunities for the assessment of their learning. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to stop by B , call us at x or contact us by email at beisenstadt lagcc. Will my professor know if I attend the Writing Center? Students taking content area courses such as social sciences, humanities, health services, and business administration make up almost half of the students who use the Writing Center each term! As already mentioned, a tutor may not proofread and edit the whole paper. You can expect to meet a tutor who will help you with any aspect of any stage of any kind of writing, as much as time permits in a session. The Department's curriculum historically has been characterized by a pluralistic perspective, reflecting its commitment to the teaching of our diverse student population and its recognition of the multiculturalism of the City of New York and the larger American society.
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