Writing a pageant speech

Decipher what you want the judges to know and how it relates to the pre-selected division topic.

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In my opinion, it is more important to speak clearly and from your heart than to pack in tons of information!

She holds a B.

writing a pageant speech

Search quotes by topic. Open with a famous quote, a question, or even a joke.

How to write a farewell speech for a pageant

Expand on the opening sentence and deliver that information in just a few sentences. Emphasize the message and leave them with an impression. As a rule, contestants will speak faster while on stage, so factor this in when timing your speech. Relate it to you. I hope this information is helpful as you write a speech of your very own! If the chosen topic is vague, think beyond what's typical and select a slant that other contestants may not consider. Avoid sweeping hand gestures and distracting movements. End with impact. What separates a pageant speech from every other type of speech is that you have to pack a lot of punch into a short burst of time.

Draw attention to important words by adding gestures. Add presence with small hand movements, or slight body movements.

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How to Write a Pageant Speech Ponder the topic and relate it to your message.

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1 Min Pageant Speech