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If you are searching for a way to get students thinking creatively, try one of the five writing activities below. Share your ideas with us below!

Only a few students finished up so far, but I can't wait until we're all done.

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Maybe they want to learn to become better readers or master riding their bikes within the next days. They can also be easily adapted for students who have trouble with writing. Each group took on a country name, and gold medals are handed out for various reasons during various points of the day when I catch them doing something great.

Travel brochures, a television commercial, or a poster are also variations on the idea that would work just as well. Create goal posters to hang around the classroom to remind them of what they are working toward during the next few months.

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And of course, if I had a student who really didn't want to share their pic or their writing, I wouldn't make them. Will some of the major environmental and political issues that are present today be solved? Each group got a piece of chart paper and a set of markers.

What job or jobs will they have had? Will they have achieved all of their goals?


I've seen so many fun primary day celebrations in the blogging world lately, I knew I wanted to have a similar celebration in my classroom, only geared to my older grades. We completed the graphic organizer for writing in our writing right now we're focusing on organization paragraphs and adding voice. To celebrate our tasks were: draw an angle with a measure of degrees draw a circle with a circumference of cm I was surprised they found this one difficult draw a quadrilateral with a perimeter of cm draw a polygon with an area of cm2 draw a prism with a volume of cm3 I wasn't surprised they found this one so difficult - no medal winners for this task So much fun!!! Travel brochures, a television commercial, or a poster are also variations on the idea that would work just as well. I told them that each task was a medal event, and the first team to correctly finish the task would win a gold medal. Our very incomplete bulletin board was like a magnet, drawing students in from all over the school. We have also just started our Classroom Olympics, so I knew I wanted to tie that it. I did one up for myself and have displayed it, too to lend a little moral support to the ones who were a little apprehensive to share their pics with the class grade 6 girls Each group had to come up with 20 different ways first group to finish won a gold medal, as well as the group that showed the most team work.

If items is too many for your students, break it down to 10 or Have students research the towns and write a tourism ad encouraging people to come and visit.

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5 Writing Prompts for the th Day of School