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Take the escalator up, turn right and walk straight down, towards the Prudential building. Also, my exchange student year in the US in an area with a primarily African-American population changed my view towards the world and redefined my 'diversity'.

Right now for another 3,5 years at least. Just tell them that you intend to study in a Korean university and for application purposes you need a Consular Confirmation.

Only you can know. UIC offers a truly multinational experience, with students and faculty from all over the world. Can I study business at UIC? In short all freshman students coming to UIC are required to spent at least one year 2 semesters living in the dorms at International Campus. What made you want to study in Korea? When I found about UIC I was drawn to the idea of small liberal arts college but mainly to the major. How are you doing today? I am sorry to start this in a negative way but I feel the need to warn every international student planning to apply to UIC. Based on experience of my own , the application deadline for Fall Semester is late March to mid April. Despite the assumptions of many, yes — I am staying. This essay cannot be used without permission of Jiyoung Han. How are you funding it? I stole it. Your house will also host certain fun events. As part of the Underwood division you can choose to major in that.

Do your research carefully when applying. If you are a citizen of a country in the agreement, please check the issuing institute and get an Apostille. You will find all info about applying for dorms in your welcoming pocket from UIC so no need to worry about that before you even get accepted.

Citizens of countries not in the Apostille can only get the Consular Confirmation. Countries that are in the Apostille Agreement will have a designated institute in the country issuing the Apostille ie ensuring that the copy is a true copy.

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So it was troubling for someone as last minute as me deadline was 1st Apr and I was trying to transfer on 30th Mar D: In the end I just mailed the carbon copy of the telegraphic transfer form I filled in.

Time flies so quickly! I have yet to declare my major officially but my first choice would be Comparative Literature and Culture.

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When I first attracted to apply to UIC, what weight upon my mind was about instability that UIC might have as a newly established college.

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