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is the last song based on a true story

Like THAT happens in real life. But that was not the case at all with this one.

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He's a sensitive craftsman with a way-cool beach house and his employment consists in the leisurely restoration of a stained-glass window from a local church. It touched me in ways I never thought a book could. He can definitely become a star, but it may be in the Peter O'Toole tradition; I can more easily imagine him in a remake of " Lawrence of Arabia " than as a settled spouse in a domestic drama. And that's a pity. If you liked A Walk to Remember and The Notebook, you will love this one because it has the same style, while most Sparks' other books are of a different sort. Why or why not? Do you have any real-life role models -- like family members, friends, or teachers? I hardly dare think.

Ronnie and Will make an attractive couple, possibly because Miley is standing on a box below camera range. Advertisement Yes, she scares off a raccoon trying to raid a nest of eggs buried in the sand, and mounts an all-night vigil over them.

Sent along with her younger brother to spend the summer on Tybee Island with their father Greg KinnearRonnie Miley Cyrus resists enjoying their time together. And what an ending.

But the best thing about this book was the process, to see how both of them started trusting and caring for their father once again.

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Ronnie is reluctant at first, but warms up to Will once he stays the night with her out on the beach, where they set up to keep raccoons away from unprotected turtle eggs.

She even seems sincere in the face of a plot so blatantly contrived it seems like an after-school special. Advertisement I was trying to remember the last time I felt the way about a girl that Miley Cyrus's fans feel about her.

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The Last Song Review