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The girls would get into weird poses and faint and things like that to show that they were being possessed by the witches.

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The community at that time was religious and did not entertain witchcrafts. The Crucible provides great examples with how hysteria can affect a group of people.

The first shot of Abigail, sitting bolt upright in bed, creates an instant feeling of drama and tension. The movie also portrays another lapse of historical accuracy in the execution of the death sentences.

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There are historical characters presented in this film. Advertising Looking for essay on art and design? Would Satanism die out altogether if not for the zeal of its opponents in publicizing it? These were probably just symptoms of too much stress, asthma, and etc. Advertisement Miller's play is about religious hysteria fanned by repressed and denied sexual lust. Their faces seem to glow because of the dim background. When given the chance to admit to the court about her husbands adultery and tarnish is good name to give a reason for Abigail to want to harm her and her family she stands by her husband and lies that nothing happened between the two of them, as most wives would.

Elizabeth survived execution of the sentence because she was pregnant. The Crucible follows the small town of Salem as they are engulfed in the mass hysteria of witchcraft. I believe that Arthur Miller 's life and his experience of McCarthyism strongly influenced the writing of The Crucible.

Loud thumping band instruments glued my eyes to the screen, waiting for something intense and exciting to occur. And, even though the play can be considered as an historical allegory for the events that took place during this era, its true worth is found in its capability to be re-construed so that it can fit in any era.

The characters I believed in most were Elizabeth Proctor, the Rev. The parents of these girls suspected that their daughters were demon possessed. The darkness of the background was used well in showing facial expressions.

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