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Different cultures have created different groupings of constellations based on differing interpretations of the more-or-less random patterns of dots in the sky. The ringed planet will decrease in brightness from visual magnitude 0. A short minute hike up Knob Hill will find you the best seat in town, where the Milky Way is even visible above downtown Ketchum. Some satellites, including space debris , appear to blink or have a periodic fluctuation in brightness because they are rotating. Ursa Major is always visible in the northern sky, it is bright and easy to find. The moon on the horizon benefits from the moon illusion which makes it appear larger. December 21st was the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere. Saturday, September 14 at a. Planets Image credit: Starry Night After solar conjunction on September 4, Mercury will re-appear low in the western sky after dusk for the rest of September and October.

Look for the yellowish, magnitude 0. It was the day Sun never rose.

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Aircraft are also visible at night, distinguishable at a distance from other objects because their lights blink. Image credit: Starry Night Saturn will be visible during all of September as a medium-bright, yellowish object in the lower part of the southern and southwestern evening sky. Neptune will spend September moving retrograde westward through the stars of northeastern Aquarius. Terminator: The boundary on the moon between sunlight and shadow. This is reflected sunlight from interplanetary particles concentrated in the plane of the solar system. All three objects are hanging out around the Scorpius constellation region. Constellations[ edit ] There are no markings on the night sky, though there exist many sky maps to aid stargazers in identifying constellations and other celestial objects. However, if you lived south of the Antarctic Circle, like many penguins, you would have experienced 24 hours of daylight. The brightest objects get negative numbers.

Illustration by Andrew Fazekas This morning about 45 minutes before sunrise look toward the east as a pretty crescent moon poses with two bright stars, Castor and Pollux, the Gemini twins. The Moon[ edit ] Earth's Moon is a grey disc in the sky with cratering visible to the naked eye.

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If you lived north of the Arctic Circle, like Santa Claus, you would have experienced 24 hours of darkness. People can generally identify phases within a few days by looking at the moon. However, it's unsafe to look at the sun without protective eyewear. Planets, to the naked eye, appear as points of light in the sky with variable brightness. Where did the Sun appear from your place on the globe? Other stars will rise in the east all through the night. Further Reading. Meteors commonly known as shooting stars streak across the sky very infrequently. Below are charts showing the winter and summer night skies ans a list of the northern constellations in alphabetic order. Observers at low latitudes will see the planets more easily, in a darker sky. Planets shine due to sunlight reflecting or scattering from the planets' surface or atmosphere. On the evenings around September 13, the orbital motion of dim Mercury will carry it within 20 arc-minutes or two-thirds of the full moon's diameter below very bright Venus.

The GRS will be easiest to see using a medium-sized, or larger, aperture telescope on an evening of good seeing steady air. Monday, September 9 from to p. On Friday, September 20 from to p.

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On one turn of the car we might see the Big Wheel the next turn of the car we see the fairground a little further around the track with the Dodgems in view.

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