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I am Guria, I am 4 years Old.

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My grandmother also lives us. It provides security from the outside conflicts. Holistic Solutions for Authentic Learning Public transport, such as buses, taxis or the subway, is meant to replace private cars completely on these days. Because I do my homework on time and try to learn more and more by studying hard. I live in citizen colony, Madras. This page is a collection of links for children, teachers, and torosgazete. I have keen interest in English and history. I do watch sci fi movies and documentaries with great interest. My Family Essay 6 words My Family is the lovely family of the world and an important unit of the society. If you use the same word to start a sentence twice in a paragraph, then you need to choose another transition word and re-word the sentence. The boys were laughing like hyenas when they pulled off the prank. I regard the life as a blessing gift to humanity.

I live in citizen colony, Madras. I am a human.

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Metaphors A metaphor is a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something that is not literally applicable to suggest a resemblance. My Family Essay 6 words My Family is the lovely family of the world and an important unit of the society. I am most respected, loved and responsible human being.

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My life is full of experiments and achievements. Though, it is quite hard to write about yourself yet I have tried myself best to express all about myself. The service of humanity is the best of all services. The name of my school is New foundation public school. It is great to come school with your friends in school bus. The biggest success is that one becomes invincible. I respect my teachers, my fellow beings, my school and every thing that is associated with my school. That is to say, they must breathe air. Keeping this aim in mind, I have always aspired to serve my people in whatever capacity I can. Therefore, I value time in my life and strive hard to serve my country and my community. Also, many businesses located in the city centre might struggle if delivery trucks were restricted on certain days; this would cause problems with stock levels at various retail shops and supermarkets.

She always gives us tasty breakfast and lunch every day. You can also use these questions for help: Does this sentence add information? In some cases, high status and money earning members of the joint family generally insult low status or low money earning members.

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All of this success, hard work, dedication, determination is truly credited to my parents who have made this possible for me. I am also good at non academic activities like writing, dancing and sports. A kind, sincere and passionate man is what precious gift in the face of a boy or girl, a student, a son, a father, husband or any one. But when they are used right, they can give an extremely vivid portrayal of a character or a situation in the story. Above all Usage: Used to signify what you believe to be the most significant point, and the main takeaway from the essay. I always get top positions in most of the competitions held at school. What I myself regard life is a total pot of opportunities. We are three brothers and sisters. Persuasive Usage: This is a useful word to use when summarising which argument you find most convincing. I am the student of class 8. The service of humanity is the best of all services.

Hearing her laughter was music to my ears.

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