Role of pert and cpm in project management

Decide which activities must precede and which must follow others. In contrast to, CPM involves the job of repetitive nature.

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For example, if activity 4 to 5 were reduced to 1 week, activities 4 to 8 and 8 to 6 would come onto the critical path. There are generally two major types of float: Total float: It is a time duration by which an activity can be delayed or extended without delaying or extending the overall project duration.

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This shows the latest finish time that's permissible for the preceeding activity if the project is to be completed in the minimum time possible. It permits one to take advance actions and timely decisions to reduce delays in completion of different events.

The students will however notice that this time is shorter than the total time listed under Table 1 which will be 45 days.

Critical path method in project management

PERT uses time as a variable which represents the planned resource application along with performance specification. A deterministic model is used in CPM. One is also forced to decide upon the extent of splitting of the project into smaller activities and to establish logical relationship between different activities. It makes the project manager list out all the possible activities, their relationships, find out which activities can be performed first, which next and which can be performed simultaneously so as to find out the best possible manner of completing the project. Frequently, project managers use both techniques. It would be seen that job c is not dependent upon job b and therefore, the two jobs can be done simultaneously. Arrows are also sometimes called arcs. It enables one to determine reasonably correct schedule for the completion of different events and the project as a whole based on the availability of resources i. It is not suitable for relatively simple and repetitive processes such as assembly line work which are fixed-sequence jobs. When work is delegated like this, the need for constant feedback and co-ordination becomes an important senior management pre-occupation. Click the link below for the full circle and arrow diagram for the computer project we are using as an example. Non-critical activities can be replanned, rescheduled and resources for them can be reallocated flexibly, without affecting the whole project. Which are the critical activities or tasks in the project which could delay the entire project if they were not completed on time?

The first test was made inwhen CPM was applied to the construction of a new chemical plant. These are called dependent or serial tasks. The shortest time in which you can complete a project.

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What are the risks involved? You can derive the value of float in both ways. The number shown in the left-hand half of the circle allows you to identify each one easily. The formula is given as: S.

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PERT/CPM for Project Scheduling & Management