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Whenever possible, selecting an example that bridges your seemingly contrasting interests can create a very compelling essay. In cases such as these, make sure to make the experience as unique to you as possible, and use this experience as a jumping off point to other activities you have done pertaining to the health field.

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Or you can discuss how you spent countless afternoons getting lost at Costco, fascinated with all the various electronics out for display. Most high school seniors are unsure about eventual career choices.

You can mention the opportunity to pursue the joint Geo-Bio degree offered through the Department of Earth, Environment, and Planetary Sciences at Brown, without abandoning your interests in poetry and anthropology through the opportunities presented by the Open Curriculum.

It would culminate in a bachelor's degree in neuroscience and a concentration in music. Regarding professional goals, you could talk about how being a part of the PLME would mean the rare once in a lifetime chance of satisfying all your intellectual curiosities in undergrad while being able to go to medical school and become a doctor.

For example, if marching band formed a large part of your identity in high school, talk about your junior year season, and what you and your band achieved.

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Your narrative could incorporate experiences that illustrate your interest in each subject — you can talk about a science fair project you worked on, a class you struggled in but overcame, a lab experiment you participated in, or a younger student you tutored, etc. Maybe you find literature critical for escaping into the worlds you want to create visually, and you want to dive deeper during your undergraduate years. Share it! Maybe you find literature critical for escaping into the worlds you want to create visually, and you want to dive deeper during your undergraduate years. With available words, this essay should feature the same depth as your Common App essay, and should complement it. My parents and I firmly believe that while education is important in life, music makes it better. I would plan to take the necessary premedical courses as well as the related science courses that interest me, specifically to prepare me for a career in anesthesiology. Take it under consideration, as it may help you in the future! But inevitably some people have long term illnesses, people I've talked to at the nursing home my mom works in. There are specific PLME courses students have to take and are more rigorous than the general pre-medical studies. This, for you, would be your way of bringing the school closer. It is the Program in Liberal Medical Education. Prompt 3 Tell us about a place or community you call home. In Open Curriculum, students have no general education requirements, and instead choose their own classes. We'll send them straight to your inbox.

Tell us about the place, or places, you call home. How do you envision the Program in Liberal Medical Education PLME helping you to meet your academic, personal, and professional goals as a person and as a physician of the future?

For example, you could unite your interests in sculpture and neuroanatomy as part of your desire to seek understanding through 3D modeling. Applying to college next year?

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On the flip side, each should be sufficiently unique to highlight the complexity of your character and contrasting interests. Focusing on a dialogue with a groupmate, a person you helped, or specific details in a house that you lived in will allow you to avoid generalities and cliches.

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What You Need to Know About Brown’s PLME