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Everywhere along New England's coast there are local restaurants offering fresh seafood, fried clams, and clam chowder. The hiker will encounter no poisonous snakes in Maine or northern New Hampshire.

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In any case, many ferries are for passengers and bicycles only. Larger cities are the best-known for crime because of media publicity but most crimes in big cities occur among friends and acquaintances. An adventurous person could use this article, but please plunge forward and help it grow! Group tours do have the advantage of eliminating all worries about destinations, lodging, and meals, although they have inflexible schedules, offer virtually no opportunity to meet local people, and perhaps too much acquaintance with one's fellow passengers. Sometimes steak or hamburger is offered to those who will not eat lobster or clams. It can be kitschy, but there is a certain pleasure in spending a summer afternoon at a New England seaside restaurant eating seafood and watching boats come and go in the local harbor. New England remained solidly Republican until Catholics began to mobilize behind the Democrats, especially in , and up until the Republican party realigned its politics in a shift known as the Southern strategy.

These animals are large and their massive bodies will go right through the windshield when struck by a smaller automobile. Rentals are often available in larger waterfront towns. Any titles such as Dr. The Democrats appealed to factory workers and especially Catholics, pulling them into the New Deal coalition and making the once-Republican region into one that was closely divided.

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Also, there is also a strong desire to achieve mutual agreement and compromise. In addition, local inquiries may reveal the locations of unmapped swimming areas, some quite scenic, along local streams or shorelines. In northern New England there is less traffic on the roads, but you'll find more mountainous terrain compared with the rolling hills of southern New England. Random acts of violence can happen anywhere, even in smaller towns. A special local treat is to attend a clam or "lobsta" "bake" or "shore dinner" at a coastal location. New Englanders highly value honesty, straight talking, being able to cope with criticism and generally not wasting other people's time. Some types of knives are illegal in some States in New England: this concerns mostly some types of spring knives, "butterfly" knives, knuckle knives and the like. It is still always safer to be punctual than late, but the subject may be a negotiable matter: if unsure just ask 'should I appear exactly on time? Consequently, business meetings tend to lack the introductory chit-chat. By ferry[ edit ] New England has many offshore islands that are attractive destinations reachable only by ferry. The best defense against the deer tick is to use insecticides and wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts. These snakes are so rare that they are considered endangered and it may be against the law to kill them. This is a usable article. Gay-owned guesthouses are, however, fairly common. See[ edit ][ add listing ] There are many historical sights in New England, including many colleges, universities, monuments and architecture.

Moose can be dangerous to motorists speeding along dark roads in northern New England. Stay safe[ edit ] New England is one of the safest regions of the country overall.

The result of these conditions is that skiing and snowboarding in New England require attention to conditions. Also make sure you stop by SalemMa.

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