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The interaction between markets and users raises the question of whether the number of different tourist needs has increased and therefore the market has expanded its supply; or perhaps this can be turned around and one can imagine that precisely because of the increased variety in supply functioning as pull factor, the gamut of travel needs has broadened. We are constantly motivated by these needs as they affect our growth and development Gautam, Cock-eysville, MD: Bougainvillea Press. If the tourist is not capable of satisfying this deficiency with its corresponding need , he has to look for other ways to continue. The Satisfiers and the Dreamers are the two most dominant types of lifestyle. The great affair is to move. The various motivations that potential tourists generate have a direct influence on the type of holiday they choose. It is about specialized themes that are more or less well defined. The image of a place in itself is often no longer enough to attract visitors. Another consequence seems to be that rational factors have started to control the non-rational ones emotion, bodily feelings or spontaneity leaving too little space for the satisfaction of the latter q It may be about tangible matters, such as a specific interest e. It is obvious how important these needs are when explaining travel motivation and the experience seeking behaviour behind it. Then there is the motivation that is more defined and helps determine the type of holiday and destination q

Thus, this study recommends further development of the ecotourism sector to encourage more Malaysians to spend their vacation locally. This pull factor is also related to the search for travel motives tourists develop when selecting their holiday.

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In the 21st century so-called dark tourism has experienced a rapid expansion, in which negative experiences based on disasters or perhaps concentration camps may give rise to living extreme emotions that have been selected previously and can be controlled. Desire A totally different source of travel motives are the specific desires one may want to experience. However the last three needs, particularly the aesthetic need and the need to know and understand, he[ who? Discuss Referring to Figure 2 and Table 1 the first four needs, Maslow identified as deficit needs[ grammar? The test-retest reliability of each factor was also established. Fig 1. Changes in conduct and therefore in generated needs are being influenced by postmodern tendencies affecting not only the western societies, but also a large part of the so-called developing nations. The motives to travel are more generalized and year after year people from western societies generate motives to go on holidays, based on a given need. During the 20th century potential tourists often depended on tourism markets, but from on we see a shift toward a more active role being played by tourists when defining the holiday. The tourist: A new theory of the leisure class. Ludic and liminoid aspects of charter yacht tourism in the Caribbean. The element of escape refers to a space-related liminality and does not involve any alienation from their home society. The social element of prestige can also influence travel motives. Download to read the full article text References Cohen, E.

A lack of rest over-fatigue may lead to a need and subsequent travel motive. In tourism terms this may sound harsh, but the fact is that for many a holiday is seen as a necessity for survival and to be elsewhere is seen as the only solution.

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The element of search is about seeking psychological fulfilment through a journey to a destination that is different from the home environment q Download to read the full article text References Cohen, E.

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