Marketplace simulation business plan

Marketplace simulation business plan

The market is the Global marketplace and the microcomputer industry is in its introductory stage of the product life cycle. Positioning CLC The Marketplace Marketing Plan Arcadia is the company which offers our clients strategic computer systems for local businesses and abroad who need a workhouse computer and cannot afford in-house support employees. Make your decisions based on a thorough understanding of the market research data provided. Student work is self-guided with an intuitive interface, lectures, contextualizing videos, and detailed help files. Quarter 4 Theme: So, you want 4,, Compare with your competitors. Sales Channels We have only one channel of distribution that drives our business: 1. How much was produced and sold?

Our indicators from the focus group tell us that businesses and home office users are willing to pay for a relationship or partnership. How can you improve it?

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A strategy is nothing more than a good set of answers to the right questions. What will be the basis for your competitive advantage? Present your business plan to venture capitalists consult your instructor or the Marketplace processing center for details. You will use cell phones, email, instant messaging, the World Wide Web and video conferencing to communicate with everyone up and down the supply chain. We realize this is an area of concern and have conducted a focus group session in our offices. Back to Table of Contents Functional Organization of the Executive Team One of your first responsibilities in setting up your new venture will be to organize your executive team and assign responsibilities. Another way to organize your team is to use the brand management format.

During this phase the organization will attempt to secure a competitive place in the marketplace through the use of long hours, informal structure and information, and centralization. If we lower our price points the cost of producing an item is more than what we profit and we will go bankrupt.

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A Balanced Scorecard is used for student feedback, management by the numbers, and grading. However, as previously mentioned, Arcadia has made the necessary investments for future competition and development.

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Sales Channels We have only one channel of distribution that drives our business: 1. The optimal game size is teams of students, up to 8 teams are possible.

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Furthermore, members of your executive team will have conflicting opinions on strategy, tactics, and resource management. When the executive committee meets as a whole, each executive should have a plan of action to recommend to the team. During the rest of the simulation exercise, each team will meet with the Chairperson whenever a set of decisions is to be submitted. Typical courses First course in strategy and policy Capstone business course with a strong strategy focus Educational level Second or third year undergraduate students Fourth year undergraduate students. What caused the differences? Here are the seven possible executive assignment categories: President - Overall Leadership: Coordinates all functional areas, participates in all areas, setting objectives, organizing and assigning work, managing schedules and meetings, monitoring overall performance balanced scorecard and managing the team to lead the industry. What are the relevant facts that need to be taken into account? How can you improve it? Many teams get bogged down in executive committee meetings.

Their goal is to become profitable and perform better in the marketplace than the competitors in that field. Second, conflict within the team is inevitable.

But the company's most loyal patrons, who grew up viewing Cruiser Thorr as synonymous with quality, are gradually aging out of these types of motorcycles.

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It also helps the team members to develop a common frame of reference. Finally, time management will be vital to your success in playing Marketplace. Marketing Mix A main element of our strategy is the marketing mix, we will sell our company to our clients as a differentiated strategic ally and the emphasis will be not focusing on our products, but that we need to have a higher price point than our competitor and be able to protect that position. The reason players have to designate which segments are their primary and secondary target segment is to enable the Balanced Scorecard to evaluate their marketing performance. Do not expect to answer these questions definitively at the outset of your business. Keep yourself aware of trends. Keep in mind that these guidelines are merely suggestions. The path will cause you to channel your energies, hopefully in a manner that will be productive for both you and the organization. Therefore, we need to promote value and we stay with our customers for the long run by providing training for them and service. We need to realize that our service and relationships are key to our future as a company and our marketing strategy. How will you control the execution of your strategy? Other variations to the team assignments will depend upon the number of participants. To other firms in the industry? For example, one team member could be the leader during the start-up phase, a second member could be the leader during the preparation of the business plan and negotiations with venture capitalists, a third member could be the leader during the growth phase of the business, and a final person could be the leader during the preparation and delivery of the final report.

In terms of specifics, the exercise can: Develop strategic planning and execution skills within a rapidly changing environment.

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