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Of course I was shocked.

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After all, he held the world No 1 ranking for consecutive weeks, spending a total of nearly weeks at the top. Lee Chong Wei celebrates winning the Malaysia Open. He is expected to return home after completing his treatment at the end of the month. He told me the treatment is going well. Lee began to learn badminton at the age of 11, when his father, who liked to play the game, brought him to the badminton hall. And he had an upturned collar long before Eric Cantona became a professional footballer. I have been in contact with him since he went to Taiwan for treatment.

Singapore shuttler Loh Kean Yew, who lost to Lee in the Commonwealth Games quarter-finals, told The Sunday Times: "Like many avid badminton fans and players alike, the news definitely came as a shock to me. Seeing his wife and two daughters for the first time just months earlier was.

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People who encounter any of these warning signs should consult a doctor immediately. However, what was supposed to signal the end of the road for him only further strengthened his emotional attachment to the Malaysians as the country rooted for their hero.

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He is the fourth Malaysian badminton player to achieve this feat and the only one to hold onto his position for more than a year. And, how many triple Olympic silver medallists are there? In the semi-final he defeated Lin Dan to give Malaysia a 1—0 lead in its clash with defending champion China , but Malaysia eventually lost 2—3 due to the defeat of its first doubles team in the vital final match. He suffered leg cramps late into the third game. In the Malaysia Open, Lee fought back from 13—20 down in the rubber match and scored eight match points against Lin Dan , and finally won the game with a score of 23—21 to secure the title. He is inspiring, displays sportsmanship and fighting spirit on and off the court. In a repeat of the previous year's final, he avenged his loss to Lin Dan by defeating him in three sets. But the field was getting stronger and tougher.

Advertisement Advertisement When he was 19, Tuul lost his sight in a workplace accident. Despite leading for most of the time in the third game, Lin managed to level the point and edge him narrowly by 21—19, forcing Lee to settle for silver once more.

He managed to defeat Kenichi Tago and take the first point, despite Malaysia's eventual loss 2—3 to Japan. But that did not stop him dreaming: The determined young chap yearned to compete at the Olympics.

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And so it was for Tuul. He went on to win all three matches he played in the tournament.

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