Kinds of technical literature

role of technical literature

Make a good-faith effort to get the facts right, but don't go overboard. See the section on report format. So can UFOs.

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Specific examples of end-user documentation are as follows: User Help Guides When software product users have questions that needs specific answers, they turn to user help guides. In this type of report, you not only present your data and draw conclusions about it, but also explain your methodology, describe the equipment and facilities you used, and give some background on the problem.

kinds of technical writing

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These are reports in every respect except that the subject heading substitutes for a title page. Others write short user manuals for an appliance, equipment, or program. See the chapter on headings for details. Report-length proposal. Complaint Report. These may include not only books and articles that can be found in libraries but also technical brochures, interviews or correspondence with experts, as well as first-hand inspections. Students often write backup procedures for the jobs they do at their work. Laboratory Report.

Do you address your report to a real or realistic audience that has a genuine need for your report?

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Kinds of Technical Writing