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Juliet is their ideal role model.

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To be hopelessly yours: this is my fate. Yes, I know how much you love her. Juliet it appears as though someone is coming with news, I am sending this letter to you incomplete, but I know you will complete it. This is not a valid email, please try again. Again, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, as the actions that transpired did not go according to the original plan — granted a stupid plan, but one none the less. Related Posts. The letters she gets are all about unrequited, forbidden and thwarted love. But my sweet sweet husband, my love, we will meet again, for I simply cannot bear even a minute without you at my side. A teacher tells of her love for one of her students. And guess what? We answer SOSes from modern star-crossed lovers. As you can see the mailbox was so full, people began leaving their letters elsewhere in the courtyard.

I still love your story. A teacher tells of her love for one of her students.

love letter to juliet from romeo after he is banned from verona

A mother and a father who love you. I have entrusted this letter to Friar Lawrence, I know that he shall do his very best to get this letter to arrive to you or your nurse.

It pains me so to write this, and the very thought of you not being beside me is a stab to my heart.

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I am truly frightened that I will not be able to see you, ever again, oh dearest me! With my actions however I have been exiled from Verona so it is time to say goodbye to the humble abode I call my home. And that sometimes keeping love is as hard as finding it. Sponsored by Cesari wines, the winner receives a bronze plaque and a weekend in Verona. How did it feel, Romeo, to look at Juliet for the first time? Locks of love I had my letter written and ready. They relate to her. Please hesitate before you do anything rash. And guess what? Was Juliet still worth ending your life over? Farewell my dear, and it is my biggest hope that it will not be for long. William Shakespeare does unfortunately, so I fear you will meet your death at my touch. It has got smaller over the years with all the manhandling. To establish a dialogue. Some, like Lord Byron , chip off souvenirs from her tomb.

Pray Romeo, pray that it will succeed. Your touching me will absolutely break her heart. Pray that it will succeed, because then I can love you again.

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What advice would you give for another twenty years of marriage? As you read this I believe the plan is already in action.

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Love Letters between Romeo and Juliet