Introduction to consumer behaviour essay

Every goods have a symbolic meaning and are not purely functional in nature.

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The 19th century economists, namely W. According to Maslows hierarchy of needs, self-actualization needs at the top of the pyramid model which is the need of human hope to realize their potential and get self-satisfaction.

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One can imagine the positive or adverse effects it may have personally or with consumers, however, marketers know that value is the key in order to reach consumers. Youth see the same movies, the same dance rhythms, at least in the westernized part of the world. Consumption tends to dominate morality. This will therefore influence consumers in their perception of the company. In case of a Giffen good, which is essentially a price phenomenon, the positive income effect is stronger than the negative substitution effect so as to cause price effect to be positive. Acquiring, using and disposing are the process of consumer behaviour. There are two relevant situational influences in this purchase situation. Buying new objects can help consumers to integrate their new role more easily.

One of such technological advancement is the iPhone, a fascinating instance of adaptation, which is fast becoming a most sought after brand The concept of buyer behaviour plays an essential role for company because when they introduce their product or service based upon buyer behaviour of consumer as well as they could change in products productivity based upon the consumer demands as well as desire Brand symbolism enables consumers to form a long-lasting relationship with a particular brand through the emotional and functional utility of offering.

The consumer reaches higher utility level on IC2 and new equilibrium x1 is x1M.

Introduction to consumer behaviour essay

Culture, values or motivations are structured over time. Brands are now undoubtedly an important part of the consumer society. All these metrics are very important terms of sales and profitability of the company. It is a tribute to the Nobel laureate economist Paul A. For example, let utility be a function of two goods x1 and x2, i. Together with advertising, consumer perceptions strongly affect consumer behaviors. Arnould et al explained that consumer buying process involves buying, utilisation and disposal of products and services.

Modem economists like K. Consumer perception is defined as a process where consumers select and gather information then form opinions regarding products.

consumer behavior essay conclusion

One frequently used categorization breaks down human perceived needs into five categories: 1.

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