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Covering everything from investor earnings to rising house costs, the charts and graphs are many and they are always helpful. It's narrated by Matt Damon and his interviews are often very confrontational and effective.

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Distinguished economists from America's Ivy League universities were drafted in by banks to compose reports sycophantically supporting reckless deregulation. In this part of the film, Goldman Sachs appears as the major villain in this story, which even after it was revealed just how great a role it played in creating the crisis, it nonetheless retained if not increased its influence in government—that has been true almost up to the present, with former CEO Gary Cohn resigning from the Trump administration just a couple of months back.

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Sexual Content: A woman discusses without specific names those who used her high-end prostitution business on a regular basis and expensed it to their companies. And perhaps someone will do something, say something, or perhaps act a little more honestly to try to right the wrongs of this world. The system is flawed. Had the myth been reality, much less damage would have been done, whether we are speaking of weapons of mass destruction, ideologically-driven policies creating vast inequalities, or failed development programs. Directed by Charles Ferguson. Continue reading the main story Dozens of interviews — along with news clips and arresting aerial shots of New York, Iceland and other disaster areas — are folded into a clear and absorbing history, narrated by Matt Damon. The banks bought the prestige of the academics, and their universities' prestige, too. The closing year will be Inside Job makes its points without pandering to the audience.

Along with authoring articles for several family-oriented publications, she has written for Parent Previews for over 15 years. However, not enough emphasis was placed on prior administrators and no mention of government spending was mentioned--just a need for more regulation.

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Now that being critical and alert matters more than ever, we are instructed by out-group elites to once again trust the pilot —meaning, their pilot, the one they trained, that they paid, and that they got drunk.

In one of the more refreshing moments during the housing meltdown, Rep. An elaborate house of cards had been constructed in which bad consumer loans were bundled into securities, which, were certified as sound by rating agencies paid by the banks and then insured via credit-default swaps.

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Documentary Review: “Inside Job” is Still Relevant