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For 50 Cent, this means trolling whoever and whatever comes in sight. Sadly, he is often too foolish to realize it. Dreams are for real. You give the best advice to your friends and not take it for yourself. Aside from his undeniable talent behind the mic, LD effortlessly reveals a career in comedy is at his fingertips. I love country music, but I also love gangster rap. So each new day make sure you live your life.

Instagram is another example of a platform where an artist can let their true colors shine. Sadly, he is often too foolish to realize it.

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Shorty, I luv you. The Holderness Family: Christmas Jammies After their spoof "All About That Baste" put the delightfully goofy Holderness family on the map, they followed that success up with this funky holiday rap about Christmas jammies.

Scrooge vs The Grinch.

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Good, that means you actually stood up for something. My apartment is too nice to listen to rap in. There is a lot of wisdom and inspiration to be found in the words of famous rappers, and we want to share them with you! Today, with the ever-changing nuances of technology and the Internet, rappers can express themselves and their senses of humor in ways far beyond that their music.

People never get the flowers while they can still smell them. Sometimes, we just have to laugh and appreciate the lyrics for what they are. Dreams are for real.

All Rights Reserved. Here are fifteen funny Christmas rap videos that take full advantage of the natural absurdity of mixing rap with Christmas.

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