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It also acts as a great motor play activity.

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Kids with poor fine motor skills often find pencil grips uncomfortable. How can I help my child hold a pencil? During Pre-K and Kindergarten, focus on developing hand skills and teaching children. Pencils and notebooks appear boring to little kids so giving them toys and similar things that develop pencil grasp in your child is better. Try to color small areas very dark with red or black pencils. Squirt bottles: You can make use of squirt bottles. Activities and Ideas for Development of Palmar Arches:. Tell them to pick up their pencil with their thumb and index finger—this is the pinch part. Bring your child a toddler toys fine motor tools set and make him play with it. Encourage your child to use a pencil for a good pencil grasp. Use the Screener of Handwriting Proficiency to evaluate and assess skills. This not only develops eye-hand coordination but also develops muscles in your child.

Use any object like small cubes, beads and etc. Put the ball bearing in a box and ask your child to separate it according to different color or shape using tweezers.

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Engage your kids in fine motor play activities to encourage good habits. You can give your kid some eye-catching stickers.

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If you are in any way concerned about your child's pencil grip, get a professional opinion. There is a commercial version available or you may make your own with ponytail holders. Thumb wrapped around, on top of index finger.

Search and find activities: Do search and play activities with your kids.

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Fisted grips. Let child experiment with cardboard under the paper to see if student can avoid making holes in the paper.

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For each stage of learning to hold and use a crayon, the child needs to have the required upper body stability AND hand strength AND hand dexterity. The pen or pencil rests on the ring finger when using the quadropod grip. If you want to help prevent a poor pencil grip from developing, then encourage your child to take part in lots of scissor cutting. Another element is the quadropod grasp where all the four fingers balance the writing. Personally, I do find that these are only effective if given after at least a couple months of hand and finger exercises. Palmar arches allow for the cupping action of the hand to hold objects like a pencil. These exercises are excellent for building strength and muscles needed for holding a pencil. Wooden blocks are more preferable and safe than plastic. Doodle board: Children find pencil and paper boring, so doodle board is just an exciting and fun appearing board to the little kids on which they can practice different letters and patterns without committing them on a paper. How can I help my child hold a pencil? There are some types of toys and pencil grip activities to develop a habit of holding a pencil without actually holding it. This task develops bilateral movement.
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35 Activities to Improve Pencil Grasp with Things Easily Found at Home