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The impressionism art movement had started out as paintings and then it had led to art as known as music… Words - Pages 3 Moon and Painting Essay different kinds of artist that ranged from an air brush artist to the spatter kinds of paintings. It allows you to take what you see in the painting and interpret what the artist is trying to tell us.

His writing, according to the Stanford Encycolopedia of Philosophy, focused on several issues including child development and child education Bertram. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems.

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What he celebrates in this gala, assertive canvas is not only his fantasy of himself as a respected master, but his solid, even joyful, relationship with the city he knew so well, and his affirmation of the technological future portended by the tower, a hated symbol to many Parisians.

Given the rigors of his daily existence, the jungles may have had a wish-fulfilling function for Rousseau. His works were liked by surrealists and he was also honored by Picasso in Rousseau's painting may even have influenced the naming of the Fauves. But also, romantic notions about the tropics were very much in the lateth-century air, bodied forth by such dreamers as the poet Arthur Rimbaud, the novelist Pierre Loti whose portrait Rousseau painted and the artist Paul Gauguin with whose work Rousseau's own gives evidence of familiarity.

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On that level, the paintings are sheer delight. The elephant seem to be hiding behind the forest, the lions are staring intensively at something and the monkey-like creature with the instrument blends into the dull background compared to the other animals that are depicted in bright colors which makes me wonder: why are they depicted that way?

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Made possible by grants from the Paine Webber Group Inc. Rousseau fell asleep, and was taken home in a cab by the Steins, but the party continued until dawn.

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