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I don't like my laptop in a car, for example. But let's say the Muji pen was crafted based on a design by Cynthia Rothrock and the Tombow The Wacom Bamboo Spark is a pen, pad, and paper that allows you to put pen to the page and then digitally records your drawings or words to the Wacom Cloud.

It has apps and stuff! Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report. Let's ignore the metaphorical implications of Woolf's essay for the moment.

With so many different iPad keyboard options, you can really personalize it for the writer by color, style, and price. Make sure your writer is cool with it and likes the things being submitted.

It's a little disappointing, because everything else about the Freewrite is so precise, to have the odd, slow, swimmy-feeling text appearing on the screen two or three tenths of a second after you press the keys.

The computer was sold through Radio Shack stores in the United States and Canada and affiliated dealers in other countries. These are easy to find used locally or online used, and new electric typewriters are also available.

The export feature also currently is squeezing everything through a markdown filter, which has some unhappy effects like stripping out extra whitespaces and totally erasing line breaks so everything is a long undifferentiated paragraph.

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