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A finite state machine with only one state is called a "combinatorial FSM". The point is that the simplicity or complexity of a sequence of symbols is somehow connected to the simplicity or complexity of the finite state machine that accepts it.

The same is true of programming. If it successfully makes it to the final state, then you have those particular tags in the correct order. Finite state machines are important because they allow us to explore the theory of computation. However, if you plan to write code that requires serious computation, you will need to understand a bit more about how computation works under the hood.

They produce only one sequence which can be seen as an output sequence of acceptor or transducer outputs. Each state contains a lookup table that shows what the next state is given an input symbol.

infinite state machine

The new state depends on the old state and the input. The only state it can accept in is state S1.

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They are used for control applications and in the field of computational linguistics. In a non-deterministic automaton, an input can lead to one, more than one, or no transition for a given state. Many programming problems are most easily solved by actually implementing a finite state machine. It goes through all its processing, and then the final state is read, and then an action is taken. Finite State Machines A finite state machine is a mathematical abstraction used to design algorithms. If the machine is in state 1 then an A moves it to state 2 and a B moves it to state 3. Essentially a finite state machine consists of a number of states — finite naturally! In simpler terms, a state machine will read a series of inputs. For example, the finite state machine in the diagram below has three states. Representing Finite State Machines You can represent a finite state machine in a form that makes it easier to understand and think about. Any string that can be generated in this way will also be accepted by the machine. This is because the design clearly shows that it is impossible to transition from the state 'moving up' to the state 'moving down'. From any state, there is only one transition for any allowed input.
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Understanding State Machines