Father son relationship in elie wiesel s night

loyalty quotes in night elie wiesel

In between, Night explores the ways traditional father-son relationships break down under impossibly difficult conditions. Although Elie is not old enough to fully comprehend the Kabbalah, Shlomo, as a father, should support his son and help him achieve his goal.

Instead, he mourned for the rest of his life.

father son relationship in night quotes

Although Wiesel is shocked by the cruelty of the young child, he himself had watched his father being beaten countless times. Although Elie expresses anger towards his father from time to time because he is being a burden, he still feels that his survival is meaningless without his father.

Understanding Brayden could be one of the interesting things that a person can do because you never know what you are going to get with him, which makes it that more interesting.

Father son relationship in elie wiesel s night

For days, he has been carrying the burden of keeping his father alive, but these are his first thoughts after his dad dies. In the memoir, Eliezer, the passionately, devoted boy with a benevolent family, is taken from his home and sent to a concentration camp.

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