Face to face communication is better than other

advantages of face to face communication

These are more convenient than contacting face-to-face. Face-to-face communication is better than other types of communication, such as letters, email, or telephone calls.

Face to face communication is better than letters email or telephone calls

Based on these expressions we can know if the person is telling truth or lying. When you talk to somebody face to face, you can also use body language. In addition, prevent and resolve conflicts, express the feelings directly. Essay topics: 49 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is a useful way to exchange information or express our thoughts or feelings. However, I believe that face to face communication is much better than others, and in this essay, I will analyze some advantages of this kind of communication to support my opinion. Afterwards, I gave him a hug. Furthermore, the most conversed subject of all times is meals, so people enjoy gathering to eat and keep talking about dishes and desserts. Another reason why face-to-face communication is important is that you can tell whether the person is telling the truth or not.

English Jul 19, Communication is a very important part of our lives. I think that the words I've added sound a little bit more fluent.

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Even with these improvements in communication, nothing has been able to replace the face-to-face method. Finally I decided that I came to meet him at the funeral so we had a brief conversation about his dad then I gave him a hug.

When a person is expressing feelings of love or sympathy, no other method of communication will express them perfectly.

How much we can express our feelings only by typing, mainly people use global language English to communicate, but sometimes, it feels good to express in our mother language.

face to face communication in relationships

I hope my corrections are okay, feel free to ask any questions about them : Thank you for your correction! Besides reading through the content many times, we can prove it as much as we want. Moreover, direct chat facing each other can also create a friendly atmosphere in which people can relax and express their true feelings, and in return their receive a warm response, like a hug or a kiss or a pat.

Moreover, there is a hi-tech programm which automatically checks our spelling and grammatical usage. You say about the advantages of face-to-face communication in the introduction, but it should be explained more specific.

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face to face communication is better than others such as mail, phone