Executive summary for resort business plan

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What will your message be to the different segments of your business mix? We intend to fully utilize our location to full advantage. What makes you stand-out?

executive summary for resort business plan

Improving efficiencies of operations. Discussions and interviews were held with a variety of individuals involved with other similar businesses to develop the proforma data, review the market potential, and competitive situation. We would use the information available such as their e-mail to ask them to send us feedbacks about our resort, impressions about their stays and especially their suggestions for adjusting various changes.

The motel has a partial basement and includes a laundry room with two washers and two dryers.

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There will be incredible products and services to be offered which include an international standard 5 stars hotel, 7 bungalows, casino, restaurants, and much more amazing places such as amusement park, zoo, golf course, rented cruiser and sailboats which would provide luxury services for all customers that come to visit our Paradise Resort, moreover, there will also has airport and dock parking which is very flexible for customers to visit us.

We demand the CEO as strategic leader in which she would have full capacities of understanding the complexities of both the organization and the environment and to lead changes in the organization so as to enhance its competitiveness.

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On the other hand, for customers who are rarely access to our golf course, they can choose to pay as walk-in payments separately. This unique entertainment facility is located close to universities and colleges which make it more attractive for college students market. Our Advantages Our resort will provide unique experiences for our guests in which we will focus on reasonable prices, comfortable atmosphere, excellent services, special foods and 6 promotions. New construction includes a bar room addition, extra parking lot build-out, and an outdoor pool. A beach resort is not a new business in the hospitality industry; it has long been in existence but only just recently like several decades back revolved into a better package than before. Steve Blackburn, its founder. We are also committed to improving our community through participation in events that make our island a better place to live. How will you manage inventory? Customer Analysis n-depth information on your target market, including geographic, demographic, socio-economic, psycho-graphic, behavioral segmentation details.
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(PDF) Paradise Island Resort_ A Completed Business Plan