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A British dreadnought — the building of these ships was a source of tension between Great Britain and Germany. Wedgwood: "The war solved no problems. They discuss the role that masculine insecurity played in the build up to the war and also examine the construct of and myths surrounding nationalistic feeling in the pre-war years.

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It has been suggested that Germany was motivated by imperial ambitions to invade Belgium and France. Government rhetoric exaggerated military expansionism. Nationalism is about identifying a group of people with a certain political entity and believing that this group has specific rights. Militarism made the society thinking that force is the best way to solve problems. Once the war was over it lead to the forming of the triple Alliance which was one of the main alliances during the first world war. It was fed by the cultural belief that war is good for nations. Morally subversive, economically destructive, socially degrading, confused in its causes, devious in its course, futile in its result, it is the outstanding example in European history of meaningless conflict. What factors caused World War 1 to break out? More than 9 million people were killed and even more people returned to their homes maimed physically and mentally. Britain was jealous of Germany because Germany's strength was growing- it was producing more iron and steel than Britain.

The policy of building a stronger military was judged relative to neighbours, creating a culture of paranoia that heightened the search for alliances. Germany's navy was growing and its empire was expanding.

Watch Now Blame has been directed at every single combatant at one point or another, and some have said that all the major governments considered a golden opportunity for increasing popularity at home.

A simple naivety in the potential scale and bloodshed of a European war prevented several governments from checking their aggression. Germany was jealous of Britain's empire and wealth. The long term causes were imperial and economic rivalry between Britain and Germany.

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The historical dialogue on this issue is vast and distorted by substantial biases. The decisions made by Germanys leaders centred on three main factors that arose from the Kaiserreichs domestic and foreign policies, these were; Weltpolitik, fear of encirclement and the rise of socialism. This was because most people in this period was very proud of their country as it was straight after the big industrial revolution in Europe this factor created tension between rival countries …show more content… the first Moroccan crisis took place during this was when 2 nations France and Germany both coveted morocco because of its mineral and agricultural wealth. But the British obsession with naval dominance was strong. A British cartoon of Europe in KingEssays reviews: 4. They discuss the role that masculine insecurity played in the build up to the war and also examine the construct of and myths surrounding nationalistic feeling in the pre-war years. Its effects, both immediate and indirect, were either negative or disastrous.

This crisis nearly causing war was caused by a combination of imperialism and alliances which were both prominent causes for world war one. From his experience in the war, watching many soldiers be physically destroyed, and others, including himself, be mentally broken down into tiny, unfixable….

Europe was pretty much at each others throats from until the war started in Government rhetoric exaggerated military expansionism.

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