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Need an essay customized under your requirements? They dislike his behaviour, his way of talking or meeting others.

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He does not properly entertain them. Cite This Document , He does not mind the faults of others. A good mannered kid gets all the limelight and quickly make his place in the good books. These few etiquettes provide some respected to the kid as well to parents. That is why there is so much emphasis on learning good manners. Whether they work in a team or they have to sell a product, each one needs some etiquettes and manners which helps his company or him to reach its maximum potential. Childhood is the best age to learn good manners. A kid with a positive, playful attitude will have a lot more opportunities to enjoy, to play with others in several new ways.

Whether you know the table etiquettes and know when to leave and thank the inviter or host so that you can be invited again. Benefits of Good manners in the cooperatives are illimitable. The animal instinct in us makes us rough and vulgar, but a cultured and civilized man is gentle and polite.

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Many norms of behavior in Russia are the same as in the whole world, but there are some special conventional rules of conduct which differs from manners of other count They generate a healthy and livable society. Such a person displeases others with his manners and habits. He can very easily and quickly learn things and adapt himself accordingly. We should act, behave and react in such a way that others are not hurt. Good behavior gives a lot of Friends in bonus. People judge a person by his behavior as the judge a tree by its leaves and fruit.

Skills may give you a job but manners help you to hold it for long. Patients always rush to a doctor who is sympathetic towards them.

Great Childhood A kid with good behavior has a great childhood.

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They represent the social and cultural progress of society.

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