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Over the last two years, however, Nespresso has failed to increase its North American market share.

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Savitz, Andrew W. Outside at least one Sydney boutique for instance Bondi Junction, in the fashionable eastern suburbsvisitors enter through a club-style cordon, something usually associated with exclusive bars or hotels.

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North American consumers are increasingly switching from high-volume, low-quality coffee to specialized gourmet varieties such as espressos, lattes and cappuccinos. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, To better compete on variety, Nespresso could add more beverage options.

Over the last decade though, the speed and intensity with which Nespresso has grown, coupled with its atypical approach to consumer engagement, suggests that, in terms of brand equity, it now offers a more compelling point of difference than Starbucks.

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As a celebrity who splits his time between Hollywood and Lake Como in Italy, Clooney embodies the glamorous, cosmopolitan lifestyle that Nespresso signifies. Demographically speaking, the targets are women or mothers because they usually drink a lot of coffee and do the house hold shopping. Given such growth in such a brief period, the atypical dynamic between the boutique, the Club and the Nespresso brand warrants closer consideration. For Nespresso, this constituted major preparatory phenomena, as its strategy and success since the early s presupposed the coffee market that Starbucks had helped to create. This bode well for its target market. As Rudolf P. Luckins, Tanja. Oldenburg, Ray. Kleinman, Sharon S. To drive demand for Nespresso K-Cups, the company should also boost brand awareness by creating more B2B partnerships in North America which were a key success factor in Europe.

Oldenburg, Ray.

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