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His background as a Catholic influences his life and his writings, including The Inferno. Francesca and Paolo di Rimini have no control over the love that develops between the two of them, but are forced to spend eternity in the Second Circle of Hell.

Dante essay

The poem is so famous that one of the minor characters, Capaneus the great blasphemer, has his name on a mesa on one of Jupiter's moon Io Blue, 1. He uses this opportunity to strike at his foes, placing them in the bowels of hell, saying that they have nothing to look forward to but the agony of suffering and the separation from God Dante is known for writing various stories and poems which he did after he was exiled from Florence where he was an ambassador.

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In this ditch, the Schismatics are continually wounded by a demon with a sword. There are a total of 9 circles of Hell throughout the story. Dante Alighieri lived in Florence, Italy throughout the late 13th century Drew, Elizabeth, ed.

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Such a gruesome novel can make one wonder what the motivation was to create these literary works. Many people Dante? However, he encounters three wild beasts on the way up to the mountain—a leopard, a lion, and a she-wolf—which force him to turn back These guardians were used to symbolize the punishments of the sinners. Dante believed we must understand sin before we can reject it, and Buddha believed that before we can reject sin, we must suffer also. Dante wrote these poems somewhere around the year A whole world is created through his poem. It described Dante 's journey guided by his mentor Virgil, through the nine circles of Hell. But Dante does not only expose the bad people in his life but the bad people all over the world and he also includes himself.
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