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Within Latin America, it ranks third for thought leadership, fifth for employability, seventh for return on investment and 10th for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes and for diversity. However, financing costs are rising, as spreads vis-a-vis US Treasuries have substantially increased since end of last year.

As the region continues to develop, the courses available will only grow in prestige. The country is a hub for business, being home to companies including Unilever, Shell and KLM and the continents largest port, the Port of Rotterdam.

Non-performing loans are stable at 2. The international liquidity position is adequate with abundant official reserves more than four months of imports, abundant to cover external refinancing needs. Its positioning close to the growing financial and business meccas in Southeast Asia means that students in the country have a plethora of learning and exchange opportunities available to them.

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Any steep deterioration of the economy seems to be rather unlikely. While in stable private consumption and accelerating exports compensated for lower investments, this might not be the case in However, as the UK heads closer to the European exit door, it remains to be seen if it will remain just as attractive to potential MBA students in the future.

Canada has remained a major choice for prospective MBAs over the years.

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Additionally, the Netherlands is a particularly entrepreneurial nation, with one of the highest percentages of startups in Europe. Canada In third place is another North American country - Canada. For regionally specific rankings, it comes first for diversity, second for return on investment, fifth for entrepreneurship, seventh for employability, and alumni outcomes and 10th for thought leadership. Access to capital markets is still solid, which is reflected in several international bond issues in by the sovereign and the private sector, including Pemex. United States The US is top of the list once again. Canada has remained a major choice for prospective MBAs over the years. Australia's position as a top MBA destination has been cemented in recent years, boasting a number of highly-ranked business schools, a strong entrepreneurial mindset and an enviable lifestyle. Stable macroeconomic environment, but slow economic growth Since , average annual real GDP growth was just 2. The institution ranks third in the region for return on investment, fourth in the region for employability and for diversity, fifth for thought leadership and ninth for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes.

The Netherlands The Dutch are famed for their openness and hospitality. Or indeed by students wishing to work within a Spanish speaking nation or region after graduation.

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