China vs human right

In old China, the majority of the working people did not have such a right.

Freedom of speech in china facts

Public ownership of the means of production constitutes the basis of China's socialist economic system. Many members of the democratic parties have assumed leading posts in organs of state power, government departments and judicial organs. Since October , authorities have arbitrarily recalled passports from residents of Xinjiang. It is stipulated that those eligible for education through labor should meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. Greatly treasuring this hard-won achievement, the Chinese government and people have spared no effort to safeguard human rights and steadily improve their human rights situation, and have achieved remarkable results. In a politically motivated move, the secretary of justice, a political appointee, sought a harsher prison sentence for the trio. In all these fields, China has either reached or approached advanced world levels. In , the courts handed down lengthy prison terms to a number of prominent human rights activists after protracted and sham prosecutions. The Chinese government also pressured foreign companies to adhere to disputed terms and policies. If the internee is not convinced by the detention, he may appeal to the public security or procuratorial organs. So far more than 2, labor supervision institutions have been set up throughout China with some 30, supervisory personnel. The regulation was unprecedented in banning all use of these tools. One of their lawyers said the arrests were due to the group not gathering at officially designated churches. Some were rebuffed by Australia, Canada, and the US due to security concerns.

The Chinese Communist Party is the ruling party of socialist China and the representative of the interests of the people throughout the country. In order to guarantee the proper use of the compulsory measure of arrest and to prevent infringement of the right of innocent people, the Constitution and the law vest procuratorial organs with the authority of investigation and approval before any arrest is made.

Tibetan authorities have used a nationwide anti-crime campaign to encourage people to denounce members of their communities on the slightest suspicion of sympathy for the exiled Dalai Lama or opposition to the government.

Relations between the Communist Party and the democratic parties follow the guideline of "long-term coexistence and mutual supervision, treating each other with full sincerity and sharing weal or woe. Women's right to education is also duly respected.

China vs human right

Economic equality has motivated the laboring people to a great extent and brought about speedy growth of the Chinese economy.

InChina's procuratorial organs put forward suggestions for the correction of illegal practice in 3, instances, thereby effectively guaranteeing citizens' legal rights and interests in lawsuits and judicial activities.

china human rights fact sheet
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China says UN criticism of human rights record is 'politically driven'