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casey at the bat text dependent questions

Draw a diagram of the set-up for a marching band on the board. A straggling few got up to go in deep despair. Sing two songs that tell stories.

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Vice versa? Display Visual Thesaurus word maps for some of the key words Thayer uses to describe Casey, emphasizing mighty as an adjective that shows how Thayer characterizes Casey as having great strength and power. Activity Four: Refer to pp. Oh how we hated Casey, he was a blot upon the game. Why isn't the outlook brilliant for them? Activity Five: Listen to the Casey March again. Sing two songs that tell stories. What are words that Keillor uses in that Thayer would probably not use in ? Good release after a listening class. Using the handout, have students read the final six stanzas of Thayer's original version of "Casey at the Bat" and Keillor's parody "Casey at the Bat Road Trip. Contrast this portrayal with the following stanza from Garrison Keillor's poem "Casey at the Bat Road Game " — a parody written from the point of view of the opposing team, Dustburg: Mudville was despairing, and we grinned and cheered and clapped.

And we only wished that Casey, the big fat ugly lout, Could be the patsy who would make the final, shameful out. It looked like after all these years our losing streak had snapped. Here are word lists for the two poems that were created by VocabGrabber: Keillor: www.

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Discuss any vocabulary they might not know. Re-read the poem slowly line by line. It looked like after all these years our losing streak had snapped. On the white board, use the Visual Thesaurus to explore some of the derogatory words that Keillor uses to describe "the mighty Casey": lout , patsy , blot , bully , braggart , cretin , and swine. Here is James Earl Jones reading "Casey at the Bat," and here is a cartoon version from which could also serve as a visual way to introduce the topic of parody. Lead a short discussion about the opening lines of the poem and what they establish. Mel Blanc and Arthur Q. Activity One: Listen to Casey at the Bat Track 1 and discuss what happened in the poem to be sure that all students understand the plot.

Re--listening is very important. What's Opera, Doc? How tempo speed and harmony major and minor can change a theme.

casey at the bat text dependent questions

More archaic language? Have them select 2 minutes to play for the class. Experience how music enhances words. Musical terms: musical form, march, tempo, time signature, waltz Activity One: Listen to the Casey March.

Demonstrate how music can tell a story. Ask students go to their corners and then group themselves by instrument; drum major stands in the center.

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Revisiting "Casey at the Bat" with Parody : Lesson Plans : Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus