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Restructuring, deregulation and industry consolidation have increased the number of critical decisions to be made and reduced the time available to make them. Second, IT resources required to support the access and analysis products should grow more slowly than the number of users and the number of applications. I agree to my information being processed by TechTarget and its Partners to contact me via phone, email, or other means regarding information relevant to my professional interests. View live interactive examples in InetSoft's dashboard and visualization gallery. By embracing the popular Spark platform and fully integrating InetSoft's data visualization application with Spark, the resulting solution makes for more efficient and more easily accessible big data predictive analytics. Enjoy this article as well as all of our content, including E-Guides, news, tips and more. The amount of knowledge and data available on which to base decisions has grown exponentially. Access the full copy of the whitepaper now. Explore why traditional data governance approaches are insufficient in meeting today's data governance needs, and uncover how Alation and Tableau can help your organization establish trust in data and streamline business processes. These qualities are absolute requirements for hardware and software investments elsewhere in IT; they should not be passed over here. Second, access and analysis products must take full advantage of other products important to, specifically including the data warehouse, its server platform and metadata, and middleware. International Data Corp. Second, price points should scale along the supply chain, to keep costs in line with overall impact. Recent studies also indicate that enterprise solutions can produce dramatic results. This whitepaper assesses the top five BI and reporting trends of our time, and discusses how to capitalize on each…access the white paper now.

These sophisticated users interact directly with warehouse data to create reports and analyses for themselves and selected information consumers. They will master any tool or technology that might assist them in finding the answers they need.

Faced with multiple data sources and pressure from end users, many organizations are turning to the cloud to upgrade their analytics.

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This whitepaper explains how innovative cloud-based BI solutions can deliver analytics faster and more affordably. This whitepaper describes three approaches to data aggregation and transformation for analytics: traditional data warehouse processing, data mashing, and federated queries. The IT challenge today is addressing support for decision-making in this new context. Information consumers The largest group of information consumers in most organisations is report viewers. To save precious time, we use a lot of TLAs three-letter acronyms and other abbreviations. Business Case for Data Mashup This white paper explains what data mashup means in the BI space and makes the business case from both the business-side and the IT-side for enabling this ultimate level of self-service — a unique capability of InetSoft's BI solutions. Review 4 pivotal questions that determine the success or failure of a CRM framework, and review how to measure the value of your CRM software.. In this New World, there are still a small number of IT and other professionals who are expert data users, and there remains a group of people who do not need anything more than simple reports. Explore why traditional data governance approaches are insufficient in meeting today's data governance needs, and uncover how Alation and Tableau can help your organization establish trust in data and streamline business processes. Explore how AI for data search and discovery can help your organization improve business processes, and decide data search and discovery is right for your organization. Discover how AI is set to impact the banking industry in the future, and decide if AI is right for your retail banking organization. Another group of information producers is power users. This will keep them aware of what BI and reporting features are necessary to stay one step ahead of the competition. Active analysts generally spend about per cent of their time analysing information on an ad hoc basis; they need access tools that enable them to get in-depth answers whenever business questions arise, regardless of time or place.

This business intelligence white paper is useful for those looking for a business intelligence tutorial. Whitepapers Cloud BI: Accelerating Data Insights As data volumes escalate, it is getting harder and harder to provide analytics in real- or close to real-time.

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Review examples of ethical issues that emerge from the use of AI, and explore how ethical AI interactions drive consumer trust and satisfaction. Organisations should be able to give everyone report viewer status at a low cost per seat, while investing in other levels of user access at the level their impact warrants.

White Papers Business Intelligence White Papers and Product Briefings Below you will find InetSoft-written white papers and product briefings that can help those looking for a business intelligence tutorial, gathering information about the business intelligence market, as well as learning about the advantages and differentiators of InetSoft's business intelligence software, such as our data mashup functionality and native Spark implementation.

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In this special report, discover some common misconceptions about CRM.

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