Bermuda triangle flight 19

Around p.

Flight 19 radio transmissions

They had probably gone to the East as originally planned, but for some reason he got confused. The control tower informed Taylor that he could not be in Key West since the wind that day did not blow that way. The year-old had just transferred to Fort Lauderdale from Miami, and many have since speculated that he may have confused some of the islands of the Bahamas for the Keys. Around p. By nightfall, there were no more radio signals from Flight He mistakenly believed it was one of the missing planes. It is possible that Taylor overshot Castaway Cay and instead reached another land mass in southern Abaco Island.

Some of his pilots seemed to have recognized that he was making a mistake. The report noted that some subordinate officers did likely know their approximate position as indicated by radio transmissions stating that flying west would result in reaching the mainland.

Bermuda triangle flight 19

In the days before GPS, pilots had only their compasses and the sun to guide them. However, Taylor's idea of being close to the Keys was wrong. Taylor headed for what he thought was west, but in reality was northwest, almost parallel to Florida.

The most likely scenario is that the planes eventually ran out of gas and ditched in the ocean somewhere off the coast of Florida, leaving any survivors at the mercy of rough seas and deep water.

Flight 19 found in sonoran desert

The U. When that failed, Taylor set a course west according to their compass, which should take them to Florida if they were in Bahama. Finally, his flight ran out of fuel and may have crashed into the ocean somewhere north of Abaco Island and east of Florida. Search continued all through the night and the next day. A little after p. No one has been able to prove that mysterious disappearances occur more frequently there than in other heavily-used sections of the ocean. The author laid out the mysterious area in which the planes had disappeared for his readers.

Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale MuseumA Navy Avenger of the type Taylor and his crew were piloting when they vanished The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle The Navy sent out two flying boats immediately to try and track Flight 19, one of which also quickly went off the radar and was never seen again.

Taylor was not sure whether he was near Bahama or Key West, and he was not sure which direction was which due to compass malfunction. Then they were supposed go further east for another 67 miles towards the Bahamas.

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Flight 19 exercise was led by Lt. Hope was rapidly fading for the Flight 19 by then.

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Flight 19 Vanished Over The Bermuda Triangle