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Most of these intermediaries are also involved in selling shares and other investment instruments.

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Trailers — To get potential customers excited to experience and buy your product. Moreover, strict government regulation and full disclosure of information makes the investments more secure in India.

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Place Places where people can buy your product are the focus of the fourth P. It was on Wikipedia where we found the broadest, most holistic perspective on go-to-market strategy. These YouTube gamers and streamers can be an elusive bunch, but building relationships with key influencers whose interests align with your product is a great way to build an audience. For strategy reviews? When planning a promotion strategy, use "What you need for game promotion" section as a checklist divided into three categories: Assets to create that will help you promote your product any time, and on any channel see the Place section, below. All employees in the mutual fund house have an effect on the sale of the products. It is essential that sales force should be continuous trained in this dynamic environment. For example, a restaurant in a busy town centre require a lot more efficient and a smaller amount personalised processes to hold shoppers from obtaining to wait after compared to a single in a really village, wherever consumers may expect additional personalised service. As you start selling product, track your sales. A new logo means new business cards and truck decals across the company, etc. When we say marketing of mutual funds, it means, includes and encompasses the following aspects: Assessing of investors needs and market research Responding to investors needs; Product designing; Studying the macro environment; Timing of the launch of the product Choosing the distribution network; Preparing offer documents and other literature Getting feedback about sales; Studying performance indicators about fund performance like N A V 15 Sending certificates in time and other after fia1es services Honouring the commitments made for redemptions and repurchase Paying dividends and other entitlements Creating positive image about the fund and changing the nature of the market itself. Clearly, these issues go beyond the purview of marketing and into sales, operating model, and other areas of your business. The channels can be divided into the following heads: Direct Marketing Personal selling Telemarketing Direct Mail Selling through intermediaries like brokers, agents, banks, etc.

In Mutual fund market the key area of interest of marketing experts are understanding the investors expectations and meeting those expectations. Just the same, here are three suggestions for where to take this thinking next: 1.

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Thus an advertising campaign must have the following elements present: Creating awareness of the product, Comparative advantage of the product, Future potential of the product, Past performance of similar products, and superiority of the fund in relation to others in the area of asset management and performance servicing.

Over a contrary, from the accountants working inside exact same location as their client, they can follow one more procedure due to the availability with the customer for meetings etc.

No doubt the Mutual fund offer lot of advantages to the investors like professional management, Regulatory oversight, Convenience, low cost, Affordability, liquidity and have lot of opportunities like lot of untapped market, but they are also having many challenges to cope up with such as no guarantees of returns, fees and commission charged, taxes on profit, management risk, Regulatory framework and the people in India are still ignorant and risk averse.

The industry needs to identify the expectation of the investors and meet their expectation in a better way by overcoming the challenges the Mutual fund Industry is facing.

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