An argument against the funding of space exploration on mars

arguments for space exploration

If we learned that an asteroid was heading directly for our planet, what could we do about it? Later page references are to this issue.

money spent on space exploration can be better used on reducing poverty on earth

What Came Of All This? Source: NASA Project Geminiwhich ran from —, sent several more crews into space using two-stage rockets and spacecraft capable of sending two astronauts in a single flight. No matter where Earth microbes would be released, they would reach potential habitats in a matter of years, or decades at most.

should space exploration be continued

Its a waste Space Exploration is a waste of resources. Someday, people may be living in outer space and on other worlds, and since differing cultures stem in large part from differing environments, we can anticipate that the cultures developed by these people will be vastly different than any previous human culture.

We simply don't have the money or resources.

Should money be spent on space exploration essay

So, what's the verdict? The sorts of arguments which had this counterproductive effect should be familiar to science fiction readers. So the technology for managing the weather is in place and I think we should devote massive resources to developing that technology and taking it from the military into the civilian world. Then every group of civilised people would have to grow in their own shell of ignorance. It is interesting to examine the different customs of various cultures, their different mythologies and literatures, different political and social systems, and different philosophies; and it is valuable to consider their perspectives to gain further insight into our own beliefs and attitudes, perhaps to discover flaws and weaknesses in them. Mars would never be the same again—the irreversible move needs to be extensively debated before it is too late. Are there vitally needed new devices or life-saving medicines that can only be created in a perfect vacuum or weightlessness? Instead you plan to abandon this house since you don't like the neighbourhood anyways, and you want to buy yourself a new one. We would not have most of the problems of today if our parents taught us better than to steal and hurt others, so let's teach the next generation so that they can explore space when they are well grounded. The window of an exploratory sub cracked and the crew nearly died before they had to immediately go back up. Shall we go? Many discoveries have been made as a result of Space Exploration Many discoveries and products have been developed from the knowledge gained from space exploration.

Pondering these two questions are vital as we embark on an era of renewed space exploration, which will require a similar commitment in term of time, energy, resources and vision.

For in stories about future colonies in outer space or settlements on other planets, writers rarely describe bold new departures in human lifestyles or attitudes; instead, they envision these outposts as beneficial throwbacks to the past, the favorite metaphors being the space colony as the new United States formed after revolting against evil colonial masters, or the asteroid belt as the New American West, with grizzled old miners digging away at the asteroids they staked a claim to before taking a break to blow all their money at the company store on Ceres.

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Eliminate Human Space Exploration Programs