An analysis of the outsiders by camus

Together they represent his Absurd canon. The second part of the story sees Meursault become fully aware of the notion of absurdity and reflect upon his life.

An analysis of the outsiders by camus

The story is split into two sections: in the first Meursault witnesses the collapse of the ethos of sincerity which he has bought into to an extent, and begins to feel the absurd on a conscious level rather than a subconscious level. As an embodiment of humanity Meursault is paradoxically both impenetrably complex and risibly simplistic. We have a description of the absurd man n an absurd world. In the case of The Outsider, Camus believed that authenticity, being an abstract concept that goes beyond the rational, could be best relayed through the medium of literature rather than exposition. What kind of problems could the interviewees have had that would have been ameliorated by reading The Outsider? The style of the text is spoken in the words of Meursault, simple and at most times, impassionate, yet it uses imagery and the elements of nature often to relay emotions to the reader. Structurally, the novel is beautifully constructed. Indeed, Meursault allows others to define his reactions and shape an identity for him, which proves increasingly tragic as the novel progresses. Whatever the moral position one takes, the dynamic of the trial is complex. It is during his incarceration that Meursault feels the bond between his feeling of absurdity and the absurdity of the world, and claims it as his own, accepting on a conscious level something which he has known only on a subconscious level to this point. The authors did not offer an explanation or analysis of why L'Etranger was so seductive to young men.

With each sentence a form in itself, one might question whether they amount to a whole, whether The Outsider should be considered a coherent novel, or something else entirely. Indifference is the expression of ultimate nihilism, it is radical and in this disengagement from life Meursault is left only with death.

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In his own afterword to a edition of the book, Camus wrote: "A long time ago, I summed up The Outsider in a sentence which I realise is extremely paradoxical. This surprised and puzzled me. Meursault, the protagonist and narrator is a stoic and detached figure As the novel progresses Meursault begins to see the hypocrisy of those moral arbiters of society, who are charged with upholding the ideals of such an ethos, and balks at the hollowness of their rhetoric.

Mer means "sea" and Soliel is French for "sun. No chance. Whilst the reader may view Meursault as emotionally-stunted, there is little evidence that the other characters view him in this way, in fact they treat him as a fully-rounded human being, whose company and companionship is to be sought.

I will shortly be telling you about my great ethical plan for restaurant critics but first, news that a great gastronomic wrong has been righted. When he fully comes to terms with the inevitability of death, he understands that it does not matter whether he dies by execution or lives to die a natural death at an old age.

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The Outsider by Albert Camus Analysis of Themes