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Even after spontaneously and brutally killing an innocent homeless man, he still finds his evening anticlimactic and boring, and regrets not attending dinner with some colleagues at the Salvadorian. He has several different containers in his bathroom, all for a different purpose. This article at its most basic level shows that any male figure that allows his female partner to have some sort of control is effeminate. Instead of simply becoming the better man and earning his self-given title of intellectual prowess, he resorts to killing Allen. And so does Patrick Bateman. Illusion or Reality? Unlike most people in the world, he lived in constant pain. Yet, it creates boundaries and causes people to become ignorant and intolerant of those around them.

This mania for externalities reveals an utter lack of self-worth, as if to say that the only way a person can achieve any sort of self-worth and value in society is to buy it. Alternative films are often divergent by their movement and style and the way in which the director vision is understood.

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The book details the life and subsequent descent into madness of yuppie investment banker Patrick Bateman. Within the last 20 years, American Psycho, Shutter Island, and The Black Swan, have all had strong in their message and meaning in the mental disorder community. It should not have anything to do with race, class, or sexual orientation. He then manages to pawn off his laundry to this woman, who asks if in return he would go out for dinner with her. Looking at his bathing process though, we see how exactly he could be looked at as an effeminate male. Bateman lives in a world influenced by mass media, mostly television. Patrick Bateman, the main character of this novel, has similar behaviour. When he is beyond reasoning inside the dry cleaners, a lady walks in and he immediately assumes a persona of authority and control. The violence he commits against the poor finally attains its most sordid end: cannibalism. The only difference between Bateman and anybody else is what is repulsive to Bateman and what is repulsive to the rest of the world.

Bateman lives in a world influenced by mass media, mostly television. In this decade, American society changed extensively compared to the s Kleinfeldt and Freeman.

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Ennui, Desensitization, and Violence Aside from living a life of utter decadence and wanton consumption Bateman also lives a cyclical, repetitive life and this colors the rest of the novel with a very deep sense of ennui and purposelessness. This article at its most basic level shows that any male figure that allows his female partner to have some sort of control is effeminate.

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The main character is personally obsessed in a way with pop culture to be able to emulate others and apply that to how he should act. Patrick Bateman and his colleagues represent the materialistic yuppies, whose only concerns are status and money. The s were years of protest and reform; young Americans demonstrated against the Vietnam War, African Americans for civil rights, and women for equal treatment.

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He was rarely happy with himself, and also hated everyone around him. However, he is almost so obsessed with his appearance, that to the contemporary moment some would see this as effeminate. Everyone is a commodity and are therefore a means to an end. His behaviours and his interactions, however, are a good starting point at the top of the scale to try to understanding the neo-masculine male through a satirical lens. In this paper I will discuss the appearence of violence in American psycho. Some of the movies most difficult to watch scenes revolve around the women of the story. You should be free to be whatever you want to be.

We can suspect after the very first sentence — and the text will proof this suggestion — that New York will be presented in a negative way.

Mary Harron, Illusion or Reality?

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Excerpt out of 12 pages Details Consuming and Consumed People. It brings back entirely worn out expectations of the woman as a homemaker who therefore has nothing better to do than the take care of those who dwell within her home.

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