Advantages of the civil war

General Grant's goal was to keep the U. Since the North controlled the navy, the seas were in the hands of the Union.

The South saw the war as an act of Northern aggression as well as a war of independence, and their fight against the Union was necessary to protect their homes from the invading North.

A Confederate soldier was asked why he is fighting against the Union soldiers and simply replied, "because they are down here". South As early as Septemberthe CSA began issuing national currency, promising to pay the bearer the face amount — six months after the ratification of a peace treaty.

what were the strengths of the union and the confederacy in the civil war

It seems as the Confederacy continued to gain momentum with each victory as they more or less dominated the battlefield and came fairly close to marching on Washington. The geography gave the Confederacy natural defenses that hampered Union movement, while cotton gave the South great economic and diplomatic leverage.

By contrast, no foreign nation ever recognized the Confederacy, and they never gained a military or political ally. Union Disadvantages The Union with its machines and tons of workers and troops still has its flaws like the South does.

So how did the U. Economic Collapse The economic collapse began when the north no longer supported the south. The North held many advantages over the South during the Civil War. Outnumbered Troops One of the main issues experienced by the Confederacy was the lack of manpower.

Thus, they were not able to provide any foreign support to them. The country had to find ways to heal the wounds of war during Reconstruction.

The civil war comparing advantages and disadvantages worksheet answers

The main problem occurred between Davis' and Lee's ideology on how to win the war. First, they didn't know the land as well as the Confederates did and they didn't know if there was an easier way out of where ever they were. Its population was several times that of the South, a potential source for military enlistees and civilian manpower. Since their population was bigger, they had more workers which was 1. Documents held by the National Archives can aid in the understanding of the factors that influenced the eventual outcome of the War Between the States. In war, this meant more and better weapons, like cannons. Although the Confederacy had a strong core of leaders at the beginning of the war, leadership would prove to be problematic in the later years. For now, let's start by looking at what each side had going for them. Of course, we know how the war ended: the Union won, the Confederacy was destroyed and slavery was abolished. The landscape of the southern states not only provided natural defenses but also an economic advantage.
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Advantages and Disadvantages