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Once overly conscious of Finny's extra ten pounds, Gene now feels as if his friend has grown smaller, or, perhaps, that Gene has "all at once grown bigger.

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It flustered him uncontrollably. Before he was injured Finny saw the war as distant, unreal fun and games.

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Brinker Hadley had been tagged with a nickname at last, after four years of creating them for others and eluding one himself. Not now. For the war was no longer eroding the peaceful summertime stillness I had prized so much at Devon, and although the playing fields were crusted under a foot of congealed snow and the river was now a hard gray-white lane of ice between gaunt trees, peace had come back to Devon for me.

Every time they have dinner, he images the fat old men sitting around, eating steaks, and further plotting the fantasy.

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Phineas I know had been even more startled than I to discover this bitterness in himself. An awkward silence follows, and Gene, wanting to break the tension, goes over to an exercise bar and begins doing chin-ups. I found some sheets and made up his bed for him. And everywhere, except in the dormitories, the floors and stairs were of smooth, slick marble, more treacherous even than the icy walks. Finny decides to miss class and go to the gym instead, a long and exhausting walk for him. Now that it's affecting him he reacts against it. I could hardly believe it, but it was too plainly printed in the closed expression of his face to mistake, too discernible beneath the even tone of his voice: Phineas was shocked at the idea of my leaving. After the fourth circuit, like sitting in a chair, I pulled up in front of Phineas. Here Finny merely watches while Gene pushes himself beyond his limits, finding the second wind that makes the exertion a joy rather than a test of endurance. Finny blurts that his understanding comes from having suffered. I took the sight of this all right, I had seen him on crutches the year before when he broke his ankle playing football.

We proceeded slowly back to the dormitory. After that came off there was just my undershirt, stained with sweat. I was the least trustworthy person he had ever met. Ludsbury comes out to see what the boys are doing and Finny tells him that Gene is training for the Olympics.

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Nothing stirred. With these two fantasies, Finny reasserts his leadership through imaginative rather than physical means. The next morning, as Finny bounds around the room on crutches, Brinker comes by to ask Gene if he is ready to go enlist. Phineas demands that he do thirty, which Gene does, though he's never even completed ten before. The resolution of the rivalry might be the happy ending of another story, but not this novel. I was the least trustworthy person he had ever met. The boys join together again, but the weeks apart have clearly changed them. NEXT Phineas starts by making fun of Gene's clothes, which are old and, at this point, also smelly since he's been working all day shoveling clear the railroad tracks. Gene doesn't agree, but because he feels this sentiment should be true, he doesn't argue. Phineas was a poor deceiver, having had no practice. And he needed to give no advice that morning. Ludsbury comes out to see what the boys are doing and Finny tells him that Gene is training for the Olympics. His large and clear eyes turned with an odd expression on me.
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