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Mussolini returned to Italy in and continued promoting a socialist agenda.

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He was the first person to create a law that protected animals, prohibited smoking in public places and prohibited selling to people under the age of After further trouble with the police, he joined the staff of a newspaper in the Austrian town of Trento in In Aprilthe Germans in northern Italy surrendered and Mussolini was arrested yet again.

During this time he studied the ideas of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzschethe sociologist Vilfredo Paretoand the syndicalist Georges Sorel.

This is true for Mussolini, Stalin, Truman, Churchill and Hitler; leaders we often hear about in history that took various actions while in power. The Italian working class now called Mussolini "Judas" and "traitor. The leader rules alone or in a small group.

Totalitarianism is when a government gains absolute and total control over the country, including the freedom of thought and will as well as the citizen? Mussolini had become a member of the Socialist Party in and had begun to attract wide admiration. InMussolini was removed from power and put in prison.

Later, he was deposed after losing the vote from the Grand Council of Fascism and was to be arrested by the king and partisans in July of and imprisoned.

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Furthermore, to speak of fascism in generalizations prohibits one from truly understanding the completely confused concept. We remain neutral. In order to guess at his central message, one must examine his strong characterization as well as some of the symbols that he uses throughout the story Fascism utilises the totalitarian style of governing and is therefore opposed to the socialist doctrine which advocates a cooperative society Kallis, Mussolini, Benito. There are two main areas fascism deals with. As a student at a boarding school in Faenza, Italy, Mussolini stabbed another student, and as a result he was expelled. In September , Mussolini participated in a riot, led by socialists, against the Italian war in Libya.

They all lead during the same time period; during the early to mid s. The king too dismissed and arrested him. The forefathers of America fought incessantly against British tyranny to start anew in a land of freedom and opportunity.

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