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Peter For accounts of Peter's life and work see William T. What modern hermeneutical study may judge as impulsive character in Peter may simply have been the result of a spiritually transformative pressure not experienced as intensely by the other eleven disciples Luke It was Peter who possessed remarkable insight and displayed his depth of faith in the confession of Christ as the Son of God Matthew —18; Mark ; Lukeand it was Peter who rebuked, and in turn was rebuked by, Jesus when the Master prophesied that he would suffer and die Mark Both were life-threatening—whether momentary from the perils of sinking at sea or the continual pressure of entering the unknown in ministry.

New York: Doubleday, For the last of these, St. It was, also, believed by the crowds that the mere casting of his shadow upon the sick was capable of bringing about miraculous healing. Did He prefer her to us?

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He was born about 1 B. By the time he met and joined Jesus, he was already married Mark ; he lacked any formal education Acts ; and he worked the fishing nets with his father and his brother Andrew at the lakeside town of Capernaum.

He was of a middle size, inclining to tallness, and that his complexion was pale almost white. As such, Peter went on to be the first in an unbroken succession of leaders in the Catholic Church, now referred to as popes.

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In the Apocalypse of Peter , he reveals the cataclysmic events of the Last Days. It was there that Jesus confirmed he would be the leader of the Church. In addition, Peter was a Galilean and therefore shared the spirit of independence and opposition to Jerusalem which was traditional in that northern province. James the brother of Jesus and Paul, the two other most prominent leading figures in first-century Christianity, were too much identified with their respective "brands" of Christianity, at least in the eyes of Christians at the opposite ends of this particular spectrum. This healing of the servant's ear is the last of the 37 miracles attributed to Jesus in the Bible. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak. He took the lead in selecting a replacement for Judas Iscariot Acts and delivered a significant speech during Pentecost at which 3, Jews reportedly accepted his message and were baptized Acts Writers of the time, however, say he died by crucifixion under the reign of Emperor Nero in 64 A. Jesus then gave Simon the name Cephas, meaning "rock," in Aramaic.
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