1 explain the financial political and legal factors affecting international business

According to Islamic law, banks cannot charge or benefit from interest.

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Similarly if viability depends on incentives rather than real return on investment, the question is, is the venture really worth it? Depending on the answers to these checkpoints, the amount of risk, real or perceived, can be assessed and fed into the investment discussion. Chocolate producers stand to profit from relaxed standards, especially if the price of cocoa were to soar. Economic Factors A. Rod Batiz, president of the 20 thousand member Confederation of Agriculture Association, was quoted in the "Wall Street Journal" as saying, "The whole of Mexico feels stabbed in the back". Case 4. What Is International Marketing? But Britain, Ireland and Denmark as well as new EU members Austria Finland and Sweden are exempted from the directive and allow manufacturers to use cocoa-butter equivalents CBEs such as palm oil in making chocolate. Tax rate. Innovation is rewarding for your business only when you step by step start to holistically approach to innovation, plan and encourage innovation and spread investment for innovation in your business. So may ingredient and nutrition information. Similarly, many African countries are abandoning their centrist leanings in favour of market led economies, for example, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Winds of change The emergence of Japan in the s and 80s, coupled with more trade between developing countries, harmed the balance of payments of the Western economies. Civil law A legal system based on a detailed set of laws that constitute a code and on how the law is applied to the facts.

It might seem straightforward to assume that businesses prefer to operate only in democratic, capitalist countries where there is little or no government involvement or intervention.

If one element brings positive effects to company, it is considered as strength. In contrast, companies which fail to apply innovation will surely face the risks of losing market share to competitors, underlying profit loss and losing key staff.

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Under GATT, nations agree to apply their most favourable tariff or lowest tariff rate to all nations who are signatories to GATT, with some substantial exceptions. The most direct impact on business can be observed in Islamic law—which is a moral, rather than a commercial, legal system.

Businesses do not operate in a vacuum but rather in a dynamic environment that has a direct influence on how they operate and whether they will achieve their objectives.

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Your company is probably not going to want to market laptops to senior citizens in a third world country where there is very little internet and where a large percentage of the citizens over 60 are computer illiterate. Some of these regulations are intended to keep out foreign foods while others are directed towards legitimate domestic objectives.

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For cocoa - producing countries, the packaging issue is secondary to the fear that an increase in the use of CBEs will lead to a drop in the demand for cocoa. For further reading this ebook is recommended.

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With the modern and high quality facilities, stable power, internet and wifi connection, and so on your company is likely to perform better. In totalitarianism, the ideology influences or controls the people, not just a person or party. Chocolate producers stand to profit from relaxed standards, especially if the price of cocoa were to soar. Now, as the EU brings its policies into line, it is considering whether to allow up to 5 percent CBEs in chocolate manufacturing. These disrupt business operations. Even if a consensus on precise definitions has proved elusive, most observers today would agree that, at a minimum, the fundamental features of a democracy include government based on majority rule and the consent of the governed, the existence of free and fair elections, the protection of minorities and respect for basic human rights. Whilst only 20 countries took part in the first round signed in Geneva in , the current round boasts participants. The establishment and enforcement of standards can reduce transaction costs by increasing the available information to buyers and consumers. In the more prosperous countries it is taken for granted that you can buy goods internationally and pay for them with such things as credit cards, debit cards, online payment processors and cash transfer businesses, but that is clearly not the case everywhere in the world.

The proposed effects are shown in figure 4.

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Factors to Consider For International Marketing